“Thank you Bucky. It is so nice to have an engineer that is always on top of everything. See you next time you have a project in town!

— Planning Department staff for local town

In a day and age where drawings are getting worse every year with little to no information, I found your drawings to be exceptional.

— Anonymous, Project Superintendant for local builder

Thanks for all your help. The town health and conservation agents were both complementary of your work.

— Janice LaFrance, Owner of Southwick Acres Campground

We were impressed with how you handled last night’s meeting. Very reassuring.

— Shirley & Rudy, Board of Trustees

From Day One, I was impressed with Bucky’s demeanor, presentation and engineering philosophy.

— Mary Reutener – Local Condominium Board Trustee

Perfect. Reasonable, articulate and professional, just like Bucky.

— Mary Reutener – Local Condominium Board Trustee

Nice looking plan—it’s nice to look at something that is done well, with attention paid to detail. You’d be surprised at some of the plans I see….

— Robert Eich, Technical Advisor Presby Environmental, Inc.

I am incredibly pleased with my experience with Bucky Sparkle. Beyond the design that met a tricky set of constraints, his work was critical in moving the entirety of my building project forward. Had it not been for his gentle assertiveness, I don’t think we would have received the green light to proceed. I was also pleased with how he worked with contractors to ensure that the project was completed to the specifications of the design. I recommend him with my highest regard.


Bucky is very professional. Accurate drawings. Thorough understanding of project. Flexible design options. Responsive to clients. Integrates design with other disciplines well. He’s able to figure individual site needs based on natural resources, human concerns and economic efficiency.


Bucky’s experience and acumen allow him to efficiently hone in on the project information, extrapolate a number of engineering solutions, then carry the project from final design to BUILT with integrity!


I find Mr. Sparkle very thorough, great attention to detail and knowledgeable. He also is extremely good at communicating detailed information to the average non-engineering-skilled person. I hope to use him on many future projects as well.


Professional, knowledge based, creativity. Attention to detail. I won’t use anyone else.